Tips on how to impress a rich woman on first date

You’ve finally gotten her attention, and today’s the big day: She’s asked you to go on a date with her. And you’re excited! … The only problem is you’re not sure how to impress her! How could you possibly impress someone that already has so much?

I can assure you that although it looks like a difficult task, it really isn’t as hard as it seems. There are ways that you can impress a rich woman on your first date, and today I am going to share them with you:

1-Dress well. dress-to-impressThere’s nothing better you can do on a rich women looking for men date than look your best! Make sure you take a shower, put on some deodorant, and maybe a little cologne if you’re feeling daring. Make sure that you are wearing the best clothes in your closet, or even better, a sleek button-up shirt. If you’re going to date a woman like that, then you have to look the part!

2-Be enthusiastic. Have a conversation or two ready before you get there so that you can avoid awkward silences. Show her that you’re happy to be there by engaging in the conversation, and listening when she talks. More importantly, however, be yourself; if you act too much like a different person on the first date, it will become obvious later on. But everyone enjoys a good conversation.

3-Be a gentleman. If you enter the restaurant together, or at the same time, hold the doors open for her; when you go to sit down at a table, pull her seat out for her and wait for her to be seated before you go on the other side of the table to sit down. If possible, avoid profanities completely; bad language is unattractive to most women, and it’s not going to help you if every other word out of your mouth is a curse word!

4-Show up on time. Show up on time when dating a rich womanDon’t be late. If you get to the restaurant late, the impression you put off won’t be a good one. When you show up late to something, it shows that you aren’t very committed to it; it shows that you don’t care that much. So if you show up late to your first date, it will tell her that she wasn’t important enough to you to show up on time.

5-Pay for your own meal. You might say, why would I pay for my own meal when she has a lot of money? But that’s exactly why you should pay for it. If you pay for your own meal on the first date, that will tell her that you want to date her for herself, and not for her money. It’s a really important tip that you should take to heart, and it will mean a lot to her. Trust me on this one.


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