Tips on how to date a rich, younger girl

So, you’ve met a nice, young, pretty lady, and you’d like to go on a date with her; or, you’ve already been on a date with her, but you’re unsure how to keep her interested. Only, you have one problem, you’ve run into a dilemma- She’s rich! She’s wealthy, and you have no idea how else you’re going to impress her! Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Have you found yourself laying in your bed wondering where to go next, or how to keep your relationship going? Well, this is the article for you. In this article I will go through some tips on how to date a young rich girl.

1- Be exciting.Exciting super manBe someone who makes her heart race. Be someone mysterious. Be someone that she thinks about night, someone she can’t get her mind off of. Younger girls always enjoy a sense of mystery and excitement. Maybe even a little thrill as well. Seriously, look at the popular romance novels, and tell me I’m wrong!

2-Be attractive. Be hip. Keep up with the latest trends. What kind of clothes do the other kids where these days? Or, if you’re a little older, what are the trends for people your age?
Take care of your body, and exercise often. Younger ladies, more often than other ages (women over 30 or older women), are attracted to looks. It might be a cruel part of reality, but it’s a known fact!


3-Be someone she can talk to about her problems. Ask her how her day was. Ask her how her day at work was; how her day off with her friends was; ask her if everything’s alright. Let her know that she can confide in you, and that you actually care about her. But don’t fake it! If you fake it, it will become obvious later and could lead to some big issues. Don’t be that guy.

4-Surprise her. surpriseBuy her flowers when she least expects it. Buy her chocolates, and leave her love letters. Take her out to a restaurant or place she’s never been to before. If you can’t beat her financially, then be the one who always happens to know the newest, hippest place! Be on top of the trends! Do something for her that she can’t buy herself.

5-Get involved. Get involved with her hobbies, join her in them. If she likes to do 5Ks, perhaps consider running and joining her on one in the future. If she likes to go swimming, then go along with her. If she likes a television show, start watching it with her. In a good relationship, and friendships even, common ground is the best way to go! It shows that you can still have a good relationship, even when/if you get older together!