Tips for rich women on how to date with men

So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a woman who has come from a very wealthy family; a woman who has inherited a lot of money; or maybe even a woman who has just learned how to take care of herself financially. You probably clicked on this article because you’re wondering how to properly date a man. You’re probably worrying if the excess money will be an issue in your relationship. Today, I’m here to give you some tips on how to date a man (meet men on wealthy dating sites). Let’s start off with the easier ones.

1-Ask him how he feels about money. love-or-moneyDoes he mind if you pay for his meals? Some men appreciate a wealthy lady buying their meals for them, but others don’t! You have to figure out what kind of guy he is before overstepping that boundary. Stepping over that line could cause problems in a relationship. Though, if he isn’t okay with you having more money than him that might cause problems later down the line anyway. Still, it is important to know how he feels about you spending money on him. If he likes it then, hip hip horray! You get to spoil him!!

2-Don’t spend too much. Spoiling someone is okay every once in awhile, but if you spoil them too often it will begin to become the norm. And when it becomes the norm, it no longer excites them! You want that feeling of excitement in your life, so don’t set your bar so high that it ends up destroying you.

3-Hang out. Be-Your-Own-Hero-Be-More-IndependentFind out what he likes to do, and do it with him. All relationships need a sense of connection. You can get that connection by hiking with them; watching tv with them; playing video games or board games, etc. Let them know there’s a whole different layer to you he never expected! Make him realize he can’t live with anyone else!

4-Give him some independence. happy-girl-datingLet him hang out with his friends, go places on his own, join groups, or go to work. You might say, “well he doesn’t need to work because I have money!” But there are a lot of people that use their work as an outlet for their energy, and without it, they may be unhappy. So let him have just a little time for that.

5-Show him he makes you happy. This one is vaguer, but it is so important. Let him know that he makes you happy, let him know that he has an effect on how you feel. Tell him, even! If he bought you flowers, and that made you smile, make sure he realizes it!

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