4 Mistakes You Made When Striking Out with a Millionaire Woman

A rich white woman is quite the elusive prize. When you first sense some chemistry between you and her, it may feel like a whirlwind of emotion. But maybe after a while, the relationship fizzles. Did you do something wrong?

Well frankly, YES. Every potential date or encounter you have is on borrowed time. You have only a few moments to make an impression and project the right ideas to your potential date. Even after you have a few dates, you still have to carefully play the game and follow the unspoken rules to impress her. If she has a lot of money the challenge is even more daunting because she knows she can get what she wants somewhere else. It’s up to you to make her remember this moment. If you blow it, you probably won’t get another chance, because in case you haven’t heard… “Life is no Nintendo game.” So let’s consider what went wrong.

1.You played it way too safe.
A lot of guys, especially guys new to dating or awkward around women, play it too safe. They are overly nice and accommodating. Sometimes they may even be too afraid to flirt or activate any sexual chemistry. If a woman has a lot of money then this may prove even more intimidating to the shy man. But the failure to speak up and show yourself as confident is a sure-way to fail. Instead, be a little aggressive, a little fearless and not afraid to challenge her and stand your ground. Rich women do admire a man who is opinionated and intelligent, and all the more so if he speaks with conviction.

2.You didn’t make your move…or you made it too late.
When a woman wants sex, she lets you know…but usually in subtle ways. You do have to read her body language, take note of her voice changes, and analyze the setting. If you fail to make a move that’s usually the last chance you get. Women admire men who move forward without apology, and the type of man who will “apologize later, but act NOW.” The longer you wait to kiss her, when she is sending you signals, the more time she has to second-guess the whole thing.

3.You made race an issue.
Let’s face it, many black men love the idea of dating a rich white woman, especially an older woman, or a cougar, as you might call her. The same thing is true of Latinos or Asians. There’s something taboo and erotic about the idea. But if you are attracted to someone then you must make it clear that you don’t care about interracial dating, income differences or other peripherals. Don’t let her family psyche you out. Don’t let her passive aggressive comments get to you…because after all, they could be a test to see if you really want this to happen.

4.You didn’t take the time to get to know her.
If you are relying on clichés and smooth sayings to get to first base, then you made me surprised to see a rich woman put the brakes on. Simply put, she wants something more than just a fling. She feels she deserves your full attention and heart. That’s why it’s a good idea to get to know her and start behaving like the man she desires. If you listen carefully, every woman eventually tells you what they’re looking for. Are you trying to become this ideal man? Or are you just playing around? That’s the difference between a player who’s dating a millionaire and a player who’s broke AF and fine-dining at Wendy’s.

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4 Mistakes You Made When Striking Out with a Millionaire Man

Dos and Don’ts of dating female celebrities

Millionaire dating sites have proven to be extremely effective in helping ordinary men find a wealthy woman. However, it is unfortunate that a lot of men tend to waste this opportunity, owing to their bad communication skills or other factors. Regardless of which part of the world they belong to, rich and famous women look for certain specific traits in their partners and they’re absolutely non-negotiating about these qualities.

Here are the dos and don’ts of dating rich and famous women, as suggested by dating experts:

·Do focus on building an interesting profile: Rich women like it when information is presented in a crisp and precise manner. When you include personal information that is vague, it would certainly be treated as trash and she would never take you seriously. Besides, it goes without saying that you need to have an attractive picture that highlights your best features. Never have group pictures or photos in which you aren’t clearly visible.

·Do explore blogs and forums: Most websites on the market have dedicated blog and forum sections. It has been observed that a lot of men ignore them and emphasize only on emailing and instant messaging. However, according to


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experts, forums can help in clarifying your misconceptions and resolving questions pertaining to what women want in a partner. Alternatively, you can write blog posts to share your experiences with other and stand a chance of being contacted by a rich and famous woman.

·Don’t wait for others to contact you: Online dating isn’t about waiting for someone to get in touch with you. Instead, it is about how well you are at communicating with like – minded singles from across the globe. Online dating is a very competitive sphere where every guy wants to land the perfect life companion. Rather than sending a wink or an e – greetings that might go unnoticed, it would be better to initiate a conversation using something you share in common. Having a look at her profile would give you a better idea of what interests you share in common.

·Don’t bring money or social status into picture: While having a conversation with your potential companion, make sure you don’t bring up certain topics, particularly the ones pertaining to her finances. In addition, it is also important that you refrain from speaking a lot about her social status and the kind of role she plays in the growth of a company / firm / industry. Make sure you don’t give her an impression that you’re obsessed with her status.

If you’ve been thinking that dating a rich woman isn’t your cup of tea, think again. If you’re keen on finding a rich and famous woman to date, follow the aforementioned tips and get better traction while boosting your prospects of finding an ideal match online.

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Ways to meet and date rich women

Despite the fact that a lot of organization from across the globe have women in key positions, women aren’t known to be introverted when it comes to finding a life companion. In addition to this, women prefer dating men they already know rather than seeking a complete stranger, unless there is something very special about the person. While finding a rich woman to date is difficult, it isn’t an impossible task.

Furthermore, given the fact that a lot of dating sites have come into existence that cater exclusively to the needs of wealthy women and their admirers, landing a rich woman isn’t as difficult as it used to be earlier. Here are a few tips that can help you connect with rich women:

·Don’t portray yourself as something you’re not: Women hate people who aren’t genuine or proud of whom they are. Instead of showing something that you aren’t, it would be better to show your real self and be happy about it. Remember, a woman doesn’t really expect you to be as wealthy as she is. All she is looking for is a companion who can give her genuine support and be with her through thick and thin.

·Display your affection in the simplest of ways: elite singles don’t expect expensive gifts from you. In fact, rich women aren’t interested in materialistic stuff and seek emotional support. It has been observed that a lot of rich men have spent a majority of their lives alone, exploring different ways of earning and growing in terms of career. Therefore, instead of spending your hard earned money to purchasing expensive gifts, it would be better to spend on experiences that she likes.

·Don’t expect them to always be around: Wealthy women love their personal space and invading into this space wouldn’t be appreciated. Therefore, texting them throughout the day and expecting them to respond in a jiffy might not be the case. Instead of pestering them with frequent calls and messages, it would be better to arrange dates over the weekend. Also, don’t force them to take you on business trips.

·Check out places they frequently visit: While ‘rich women dating sites’ are certainly an amazing tool to connect with like – minded individuals and get into a long term relationship, real world dating too has its own share of benefits. If you’re confident enough to approach a millionaire woman at the bar and succeed in buying her a drink, there are decent chances that she might as well be looking forward to a relationship. It eventually comes down to your personal preferences. If you’d love to meet black millionaire women, Asian rich girls, then interracial dating site will do you a favor !

The fact that rich singles are looking for ordinary partners who can give them emotional support, is a good sign. However, it is essential that you take the right approach to dating and end up with a rich woman.

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What are rich women looking for in a prospective companion?

When it comes to the dating game it gets difficult for rich women to find a partner who is not only kind but genuine too. As a result rich women generally prefer men who are conservative and are able to express their genuineness. This is because they feel that a genuine man will be more respectful towards them. They also want someone who is not looking for financial benefits. The online dating sites give them an opportunity to find a man of their choice and preference.

1.True and genuine
The women who are rich want a genuine partner who does not give them importance because of their money but because of who they are. A man who is genuine can respect the woman who is rich and self-dependent. This is why a true and genuine is preferred by the rich women. The online rich women looking for men dating sites are doing a wonderful job of bringing together the potential partners looking for such particular preferences. In such cases, these websites make it easier to understand if the person you are interested in is genuine or just wants to play with your money.

2.Smart and handsome
A smart man makes an attractive choice for the women who are rich. The rich women are affluent and go out to a number of places. They meet a lot of people and most of them are important and intellects. This is why a man who is smart will make a rich woman good company. He will be able to talk and discuss issues with others thus making the lady on her arm feel proud. The partner should be attractive too and so the looks do matter. It is important that they are good looking and look attractive enough to be taken out.

3.Support system
A person who can motivate her to achieve something bigger and admire her is the one rich woman wants. She is generally a self-made woman who has gone through a lot of things. She would want someone who can be a motivating factor. It is about how well this man can support her and her decisions. Rich women can find the perfect partner who matches her preferences through the efficient use of the dating websites. Whether it is about supporting her or her dreams there is a perfect man out there for her.

Wealthy women are aware of all the qualities that they’re looking for in a company, making them extremely choosy about whom they wish to date. A person who doesn’t stand up to her expectation certainly has no chance of making it through the long queue. Complying with the aforementioned guidelines would not only ensure you match up to her expectations but also prepare you to face elite women.

While millionaire dating sites would give you a platform to connect with such women, only the right approach would help you land a wealthy partner.

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Things you should never lie about while dating rich women

Rich women look for a man who is true as well as genuine. She steers clear of the men who are looking for financial benefits and are looking forward for a relationship that is financially gainful for them. If she was seeking a mutually beneficial relationship, wouldn’t she get on to a sugar mommy dating site? The qualities being looked for in the men by them include truthfulness, honesty and being genuine about everything, no matter what it is about.

1.Financial Condition
A woman who is rich (men can meet wealthy females on rich women dating sites, rich younger or older women dating sites) has most of the times reached this position after a lot of struggle and efforts. She is looking for someone who would respect the fact and be supportive. Though these things are important yet the most important thing is being truthful to her. She does not want you to lie about anything and especially about your financial condition. Whether you are poor and conservative or you are rich, she is looking for your true self. Your financial condition is of no significance for her. She does not mind or notice the facts that you are a poor man belonging to a low class society.

2.Past experiences
Speaking about your past experiences and trust issues wouldn’t go well while on a date. Remember, this girl is different and she wouldn’t be interested in knowing about your past. You might have dated a woman richer than her and your ex might have been into spending a lot on you. Even if you have had a girl who was super rich or no, do not lie about it. Your past experiences do not matter and so it is better to stay true to her. She is an affluent woman and you never know the girl you are telling her about was your ex comes out to be her friend.

3.Your expectations from the relationship
This is an important point to remember. You might have entered into this relationship for the financial benefits that can be attained or for the luxuries that the lady has to offer. Make sure you let her know what it that you are looking for in the relationship. In case she does ask you what you want from the relationship, make sure you do let her know what you actually think. She will appreciate it if you are true to your feelings and bring them out in words. It might be that she also is in for an affair and nothing serious.

Relationships are based on the foundation of truth. Wealthy women are extremely cautious about whom they connect with. Therefore, it is essential you stick to the truth and refrain from telling anything that might go wrong. Dating experts suggest it is always better to stay away from any controversial topic or pass any judgments as it might have a detrimental impact on your relationship.