Tips for men on how to date rich, older women- 7 helpful tips!

Have you ever found yourself wanting to date an older woman, only to find that she is already financially stable? Have you found yourself wondering what else you could do to appeal to them? If so, then this is the article for you! In this article we will give you some tips on how to successfully date an older, richer woman:

1-First, let’s start with the obvious one: Be attractive.

Be strong!

Be attractive!

Take care of yourself. Go to the gym. Eat well. Keep your hair and facial hair (if any) well groomed, and dress well. If you’re attractive, then ANYONE will be attracted to you, regardless of other factors!

2-Get personal. Get to know them personally, down to the smaller details. The more preferences you share, whether it be favorite foods, books, movies, hobbies, or religion, the better the relationship will end up being in general. And, if you know them better… You’ll be able to surprise them with gifts on a personal level—even if it’s just surprising them with their favorite food!

3-Get to know her friends and family.

Get to know her

Get to know her

Okay. So maybe getting to know her family should wait until she’s ready to introduce you to them, since that can be considered personal. But it’s never too soon to get acquainted with her friends. Show her that you’ll become a part of her “group”, and you’re willing to be a fun person.


Travel with her

Travel with her

I can’t state this enough. In a relationship where money isn’t an issue, the best way to show your affections is by spending time with each other. One easy way to do that is to travel together, to see the world together, and to enjoy being around each other! Keep in mind what her favorite things are, because you might want to suggest going to a restaurant with food she likes, or a little café known for it’s good tea!

5-Don’t bring up money or your other flaws. Older women usually aren’t attracted to insecure men. If you bring up the difference between how much money she makes and how much money you make too much, it’ll begin to become awkward. It shouldn’t matter if you make less money than her. Obviously, if she’s dating you, she doesn’t care, and neither should you.

6-Be good around children and animal. The majority of older women are looking for someone they can spend the rest of their life with, so if you show them that you’re good around their pets, their children, or other peoples’ pets and children, then they’ll probably like you even more!


Skill in bed

Be skillful in bed

Here’s another one of those obvious answers. But, if you’re looking to date an older woman, especially a wealthy one, be skillful in bed. The majority of older women have already had their experience in the bedroom, so they more than likely don’t want someone who can’t handle their own in bed!

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