4 Mistakes You Made When Striking Out with a Millionaire Woman

A rich white woman is quite the elusive prize. When you first sense some chemistry between you and her, it may feel like a whirlwind of emotion. But maybe after a while, the relationship fizzles. Did you do something wrong?

Well frankly, YES. Every potential date or encounter you have is on borrowed time. You have only a few moments to make an impression and project the right ideas to your potential date. Even after you have a few dates, you still have to carefully play the game and follow the unspoken rules to impress her. If she has a lot of money the challenge is even more daunting because she knows she can get what she wants somewhere else. It’s up to you to make her remember this moment. If you blow it, you probably won’t get another chance, because in case you haven’t heard… “Life is no Nintendo game.” So let’s consider what went wrong.

1.You played it way too safe.
A lot of guys, especially guys new to dating or awkward around women, play it too safe. They are overly nice and accommodating. Sometimes they may even be too afraid to flirt or activate any sexual chemistry. If a woman has a lot of money then this may prove even more intimidating to the shy man. But the failure to speak up and show yourself as confident is a sure-way to fail. Instead, be a little aggressive, a little fearless and not afraid to challenge her and stand your ground. Rich women do admire a man who is opinionated and intelligent, and all the more so if he speaks with conviction.

2.You didn’t make your move…or you made it too late.
When a woman wants sex, she lets you know…but usually in subtle ways. You do have to read her body language, take note of her voice changes, and analyze the setting. If you fail to make a move that’s usually the last chance you get. Women admire men who move forward without apology, and the type of man who will “apologize later, but act NOW.” The longer you wait to kiss her, when she is sending you signals, the more time she has to second-guess the whole thing.

3.You made race an issue.
Let’s face it, many black men love the idea of dating a rich white woman, especially an older woman, or a cougar, as you might call her. The same thing is true of Latinos or Asians. There’s something taboo and erotic about the idea. But if you are attracted to someone then you must make it clear that you don’t care about interracial dating, income differences or other peripherals. Don’t let her family psyche you out. Don’t let her passive aggressive comments get to you…because after all, they could be a test to see if you really want this to happen.

4.You didn’t take the time to get to know her.
If you are relying on clichés and smooth sayings to get to first base, then you made me surprised to see a rich woman put the brakes on. Simply put, she wants something more than just a fling. She feels she deserves your full attention and heart. That’s why it’s a good idea to get to know her and start behaving like the man she desires. If you listen carefully, every woman eventually tells you what they’re looking for. Are you trying to become this ideal man? Or are you just playing around? That’s the difference between a player who’s dating a millionaire and a player who’s broke AF and fine-dining at Wendy’s.

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